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Brighton and I October 1, 2010

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Assalamualaikum wbt 🙂

Setelah sekian lamanya tak menjengah blog sendiri.

Saya tidak dapat online di bilik. Jadi selama ni hanya online di perpustakaan. Blog tidak dapat diakses dari PC perpustakaan.

Hari ini saya tak ada kelas. Jadi sementara menunggu baju kering di dryer, saya membawa turun laptop ke common room. Cuba mengakses internet menggunakan wireless connection yang hanya terdapat di sini. Alhamdulillah blog dapat di akses. 😀

Berikut adalah coretan saya ketika baru seminngu di Brighton. Saya menulis kerana menyangka dapat mengeposnya dari perpustakaan. Tapi tak apa, cerita belum basi 🙂


In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.


It has been more than a week since I entered UK.

I had a tremendous excitement once I arrived in Brighton.

The day I came to Brighton, it was obviously a beautiful day. It was sunny with fluffy clouds blown quite furiously by wind. The wind was chilly, and always is. I could not stop smiling. Honestly. 😀

I was accompanied by kak wani, najwa and raziana all the way from London to Brighton.

We took a cab from Brighton Station to the student hall, where I would stay for at least a year. My room is fantastic. Small and convenient. I love it because it is away from the kitchen – so I do not have to bear any noise from the kitchen, be it every day cooking activities or birthday celebration. And also, right in front of my room, there is an exit door in case of fire – so no worries of opening door room no matter how wide I want to. 😀

After performing zuhr prayer and having lunch, we went for groceries shopping! 🙂 We bought lots and lots of things. Especially food. I enjoyed having raziana with me as she shared lots of tips on how to save time cooking on busy days. She is now entering her 4th year in medicine.

When they left that evening, though I was left alone, I was more excited than feeling gloomy. I was quite overwhelmed with the fact that I am now on my own. Big girl. 😀

I unpacked my stuffs and arranged them in my wardrobe. I kept all the food and utensils bought that day in the kitchen cabinet and fridge. Later in the evening, I went to Ms Montgomery’s house for dinner. She is the deputy of Phase 2 Leader. There, I met Dr David, Dr Wright, Dr Haq and Gajan (my flat mate).

So, yeah. I am in a flat with mixed genders. The flat I lived in has 6 rooms. Currently, only 3 are occupied. Gajan, Tarunan and I. They are nice friendly chaps. I have no problem getting along with them.

On Monday 13th Sept, our induction week began. Since we are the first group of student coming from IMU to join BSMS curriculum, they were actually quite clueless of how far we had learnt during Phase 1. Though I did quite badly during neurological history taking and neurological physical exam, they still seemed impressed. We concluded that they actually thought we were far worse than how we performed. Hee. 😀

On Thursday afternoon, we met 7 BSMS students from Medical Society (MedSoc). 3 of them would be our batch mates. They took us for a walk along the Brighton coast. It was very windy. In fact, in Brighton, I would say that there is wind blowing all the time. We went to Brighton Pier. Then we walked to the city. I left them for zuhr and asar prayers, and met them at Brighton Marina after that. We had bowling. I was a terrible bowler. Always am. 😀

We went back when it was getting dark. Since there is limited bus service after 7pm, Gajan, Tarunan, Buket and I had to walk back several hundred meters. When Buket took a turn to her place, the three of us had a good chat. I remembered Gajan was the first to blurt out how he ‘finally found a place tailored for him’. I seconded him saying that ‘I really love this place! I can’t believe I am not feeling homesick’. And Tarunan came out with statements, we already had agreed few times before, on how convenient our place are and how kind the people we had met.

I was extremely happy. And I was not alone. Alhamdulillah. Though all of us did not have Brighton in our top list, now we can’t think anywhere better to go. 😉

On Friday, I was thinking ‘where should I go this weekends?’. Since I have yet things to study – I mean, class has not yet started – I know I should pack my bag and visit my friends. I started to send my handphone number to some friends via facebook and hoping they would text me (I do not have all of my friends’ contact numbers).

When I was on my way back to my flat, I received a call from Anith! 😀 She told me that she would be going to Portsmouth the next day with 7 others. All from IMU. I was glad. I used a PC in student hall office (I could not go online from my room) and checked the most possible train I should catch the next day.

So, on Saturday, I met Anith and the others at Southampton central. Then we catch a train to Portsmouth Harbour. We shopped a lot. I wish I can forget the amount of money I spent there. Haih2. After asar prayer, we left back to Southampton.

Anith and I had pizza that night. I loved it!! 😀 I missed eating fast food.

On Sunday morning, we cooked nasi lemak. Both of us were known to be quite handicapped in the kitchen. But eventually, we really cooked delicious nasi lemak ever found in Southampton and Brighton.  😛 We were very proud of it. We served our fellow IMU friends and they loved it.

After a small picnic in the Southampton University park, Anith and I catched a bus to the city. Our next activity was shopping. Again. Haih2.

After I jama’zuhr and asar prayers, I left for Brighton. What a great weekend! 😉

Performing prayers

To be honest, it is very hard for me to perform prayers on time. Really hard. It has been a week, and I have not settle this matter up. Haih2.

When we were in Portsmouth, we bluntly took ablution in washbasins. We raised our legs to wash our feet. How funny to have people around to look quizzically at us. But nobody asked anything. We performed our solah in baby changing room. 😀

On Sunday, I performed my jama’ prayers in M&S fitting room. Carpeted and spacious. Good choice.

In Brighton-Sussex Medical School, we have a muslim prayer room located in the hospital that we go for clinical teaching and learning activities. Alone, I was uneasy to take ablution with people around. Hm.

Meeting muslims

During induction week, on our 3rd day in school, we were taken to Sussex Campus. While waiting for our bus to come, there is an Arab lady walk pass by us. She looked at me and smiled and said ‘assalamualaikum’. I replied her, feeling amazed. I blinked my eyes several times trying to stop my tears flowing. I missed receiving salam from people. The last time I received salam was on my first day in Brighton, when kak wani, najwa and raziana left. Other times, it was me giving salam to my room when I entered her.

Next day, I met a Pakistani man in his 60th. He offered me plastic bags he had. Very kind of him. I did not know that Aldi does not provide free plastic bag. Then we had a short informative and meaningful chat. I then knew that I  can also get halal meat in al-Amin. Taj store is more expensive.

During our day out with Medical Society friends, one of them is a muslim. The first muslim BSMS student that I knew. But he was from year 5. I held myself back not to talk to him when actually I really want to ask him are there any muslim girls doing medicine as well. But nevermind, I am sure I will know soon. 😉

When I arrived in Brighton from Southampton, I took a taxi back to student hall. The taxi driver was from Afghanistan. He was a nice person. I did not feel right to ask his religion once he said he is from Afghanistan. But after a while, he said, ‘I am muslim like you’. I said, ’Alhamdulillah’. Then I knew there are 3 mosques in Brighton. Alhamdulillah.

In my class, when I run through the names in the register, I found several muslim names. No girls except me. One thing I like when meeting male muslims is they don’t offer their hand for handshake. I feel honoured and dignified. Subhanallah.

Class has started

We will start with 6 weeks of clinical foundation. It will be quite a light start before a ‘real’ clinical life begins.

Honestly, I am feeling very rusty. And thus, feeling quite worried about what will happen to my study performance.

Ya Rabb, ease any difficulties.

I may need prayers from all of you as well. Please pray for me. Jazakumullahu khair.


Mencari Nurjannah yang Hilang February 25, 2010

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Saya terjumpa draf untuk blog di antara fail2 dalam My Documents. Setelah laptop siap diperbaiki tempoh hari, saya masih belum habis menyelongkar rupanya. Kini, saya merasakan draf ini agak kelakar dengan banyak betulnya. Mungkin sebab itu saya tidak mengeposnya sebelum ini. Tidak mahu melayan kecewa dalam diri. :mrgreen: Draf ini ditulis pada 21/09/09.


Ini cerita sedih.

Kisah pencarian yang masih belum berakhir.

Kisah kehilangan yang entah bila, dengan pastinya, bermula.

Nurjannah yang anda kenali hari ini sangat berbeza dengan Nurjannah yang membesar di SAINA.

Sekarang entah ke mana disiplin diri, kerajinan, kefokusan, semangat diri, jiwa besar, kebijakan Nurjannah.


Sekarang terlalu malas, banyak tidur, tak semangat, asyik penat, banyak komen, main2 dsb. 😦

Baru2 ini ketika berYM dengan seorang teman lama yang jauh di perantauan, dia tidak percaya pada mulanya. (Saya sepatutnya simpan perbualan kami. Tapi, sebab dah tak tersimpan, terpaksalah mereka semula ayat2. Sungguh tak best.)

‘you are still the same jannah.’

takkkk. Sekarang dah malas.’

Bila sudah lama2 bersembang, maka jelas lagi nyata, padanya, Nurjannah bukan lagi Nurjannah yang sama.

‘i think jannah belum all out lagi’

‘haaa! Itulah, kan dah kata. Memang sekarang dah malas.’ (oh, kenapakah sungguh teruja bila benar tekaannya bahawa sekarang dah malas.)

Maka bermula lah sesi motivasi yang panjang. Dan penghantaran eBook motivasi yang masih gagal dibaca hingga kini. Walaupun intro nya.

you are still there jannah. You just have to open the window and be who you used to be.’

Masa tu rasa macam nak menangis je. Sangat terharu. Jannah sendiri pun tak pasti jannah masih disini atau tak. Orang lain pulak yang lebih yakinnya.

‘rasa macam nak jadi nurjannah yang dulu tu mula dari esok jugak.’ (kedengaran bersemangat)

‘mula sekarang.’ (cadangan yang sangat bernas oleh orang bijak)

‘sekarang nak tidur. hehe’ (walaupun telah diberi motivasi.. hoho)

Bila diceritakan pada Beebs, komennya sangat menyayat hati: ‘busuklah jannah ni. hehehe’

Sudahlah malas, busuk pula.

Hmm. Bagaimana ya sekarang? Saya tak tahu apa puncanya, terus, tak tahu bagaimana nak mula. Nak mula dengan apa? Bagaimana?

Yang pastinya, pembaikan diri perlukan semangat dalaman yang kuat, kan?

Di mana saya nak cari semangat itu??

Kadang2 bila datang semangat, saya sangat suka menempuhi hari2 tersebut. Tapi sekejap je semua tu. Bila pudar semangatnya, semua kembali seperti biasa. Berasa sakit hati dan gerrrramm dengan diri sendiri.

Tapi saya saaangat bersyukur pada Allah, Rabb pemilik semesta. Allah selalu memberi peluang kepada saya. Tak buat saya rasa tersisih atau tertinggal. Jadinya, orang disekeliling tak nampak kecacatan saya. Padahal saya sudah penat hidup dalam kecacatan ini, dan lebih lelah dalam struggle untuk kembali menjadi diri yang asal.

Saya penat menangisi diri yang asyik mengadu ini.


Perkongsian ini sebenarnya kerana saya merasa salah seorang dari kalian pasti punya ayat2 bernas ataupun solusi yang dapat menyuntik semangat berpanjangan dalam diri saya.

Saya tak minta menjadi orang baru.

Saya hanya mahu kembali menjadi seseorang yang merupakan diri saya yang dahulu.

Tunjukkanlah ku jalan.



Updates December 6, 2009

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Assalamualaikum wbt. Salam ceria, salam sayang. 😉

Setelah sekian lama tak bersua melalui blog kecil ini.

Alhamdulillahirrabil’alameen. Segala puji hanya bagi Allah Rabb sekalian alam.

Sejak Jumaat, penghulu hari yang lalu, saya sangaaaat bahagia. 😀

Telah keluar keputusan EOS 5 (final exam yang lalu).

Keputusan peperiksaan itu keluar lewat jam 4. Tapi saya dan Yasmin (nama sebenar) keluar membeli sedikit barang2 di Jalan Masjid India dan Jalan TAR buat bekalan cuti kami nanti. Kami keluar dari tengahari. Sebaik sahaja jam menunjukkan waktu telah mencecah jam 4 petang, saya dan Yasmin dua2 tiba2 jadi sepi. Sepi. Hilang senda gurau. Saya sendiri penuh debar di dada. Rasa kering pada buccal mucosal layer. Ah, sympathetic response terlalu dasyat kali ni. Dah lama tak secuak ini. Kali ni bukan gred apa yang mencemaskan saya, tapi sama ada lulus atau gagal. Saya tak kisah apa sahaja gred saya. Saya mengaku segala kemalasan dan ketidak fokusan saya di saat2 akhir menghadapi peperiksaan. Jadi pinta saya saat itu, ’moga semua muslim terutamanya dapat pass exam ni, dan batch kami umunya pass exam ni’.

Ketentuan tiap sesuatu itu milik Allah jua. Saya dan yasmin serta berpuluh2 lagi teman yang lain pass dengan jayanya. Alhamdulillahirabbil’alameen. 🙂

Maka rasa terlalu syukur lah yang hinggap di hati. Bantuan Allah pada hamba yang selalu lalai ini. Yang ratapnya dan tunduknya ketika berasa susah dan gundah gulana. Malunya pada Allah atas kelalaian sepanjang cuti seminggu selepas exam yang lalu. 😦

Kali ini saya tekad membuktikan syukur. Jika saya kembali lupa dan lalai, jangan sesiapa pun ikut serta. Kalian nasihatilah saya. Tolonglah.

BRIGHTon-Sussex University for Miss SUNSHINE

Alhamdulillahirabbil ’alameen. Tuhan ku yang Maha Esa adalah sebaik2 perancang.

Kami yang akan dihantar ke Partner Medical School hendaklah mengisi borang dalam meletakkan rank untk universiti2 yang merupakan partner school untuk IMU. Pilihan pertama saya merupakan Aberdeen University. Banyak perkara yang saya ambil kira. Antaranya, intake ke Aberdeen adalah semasa bulan April (bukannya September seperti kebanyakan uni2 lain di UK). Program pengajian hanya 2.25 tahun (bukannya 3tahun seperti uni2 lain di UK). Kak Nawwal, Aleen dan Kak Nurul Shahida belajar di Aberdeen (muslimah2 yang sentiasa menjadi kerinduan). Aberdeen merupakan town kecik (my favourite kindof place to live in).

Tapi Allah lebih tahu.

Saya mendapat offer ke Brighton-Sussex Uni. Antara universiti yang menjadi pilihan akhir. Malah pada malam saya dan liyana mengisi borang ranking, kami ketawa2 semasa menomborkan Brighton-Sussex. ’tak pernah dengar pun!’

Asalnya saya dan liyana, dua2 mendapat offer ke BSU. Kemudian kami menghantar surat rayuan. Akhirnya liyana dapat ke Edinburgh Uni, saya pula masih tetap ke BSU. Alhamdulillah, saya sikit pun tak terkilan.

Mabah, sahabat2 dan kawan2 semuanya menjadi penguat saya. Membisik kata: itu yang terbaik!

Terima kasih buat semua. Saya juga yakin begitu. Saya harus berdiri atas kaki sendiri dan bergantung HANYA pada Allah.

Tugas sepanjang cuti 9 bulan ini: membina jati diri seorang muslimah. [nurjannah, berusahalah]

Walimah kakak ku sayang kian hampir saatnya.

Saya balik ke Kedah selama seminggu sejak selepas exam yang lalu. Balik je ke rumah, bersusun doorgifts yang perlu digubah. Kak huda balik semula ke KL selepas aidiladha, jadi saya yang patutnya tolong habiskan kerja2 tu. Akibat tergoda dek pelbagai perkara larangan lain, tak terhabis jugak. Jadi saya kembali ke KL dengan sedih hati. Kesian mama dan kak huda. Tapi mama cool je, tak kisah. Kak huda kisah. [Ah, gagal lagi menjadi adik yang baik. 😦 ]

Akhir2 ni kak huda bersusah payah, tak lena tidur memikirkan majlisnya nanti. Patutkah seserabut itu, kakakku? Maafkan jannah sebab selalu saja menyokong pendapat kak huda walhal dalam hati nak saja jannah katakan, nikah ini bukan menjadikan kita serabut, malah seharusnya bahagia. Islam tak pernah memberatkan. Kita yang selalu mencari susah. Oh, kenapakah?

Jannah doakan kak huda bahagia di dunia dan akhirat. Meniti jalan ke syurga bersama abang Ajib. Jannah dah berusaha ke kedai belikan buku untuk panduan kalian. Jannah beli warna pink dan nipis [kak huda suka warna pink dan kurang meminati buku2 ilmiah..(no offense)]. ’Membina Syurga di Mahligai Cinta’. Tajuk kepada bab2 nya sangat catchy. Tapi sayang, selepas jannah baca beberapa chapter, jannah rasa kurang sesuai sebab bahasa indonesianya agak pekat. Boleh jadi bosan. Nanti jannah carikan yang lain ye, insyaAllah.

Disebabkan kenduri kak huda ni, jiran2 kami yang sangat sporting, baik dan ramah banyak lah guraunya. Antaranya:

’Jannah, balik (cuti ni) sorang ke?’ usik pakcik jo. [Depan abah pulak tu! Aish, berani betul.] Saya blur pada awalnya. Dia ulang semula soalannya. Makcik dan pakcik lain yang sedang merewang utk bbq daging korban ketawa2. Lepas tu mama yang jawabkan, ’katalah, jannah balik dengan kak huda’. Dengan jawapan mama tahulah saya apa maksud soalan pakcik jo. Saya tersengih dalam ketidak selesaan.

’Jannah bila pulak?’ tanya pakcik jo di petang yang lain. ’apa? Fly?’. Saya yang baru datang ke arahnya yang sedang bersembang kak huda menyangka dia sedang bertanyakan program master dan phd kak huda. Jiran2 kami tahu yang saya akan ke luar negara. Boleh jadi pakcik jo tak tahu bila. ’apa pulak fly..’ jawabnya. Ok, fahamlah saya. Jangan sambung lagi ayat pakcik, pinta saya dalam hati. Tapi dia menyambung juga. Nah, macam mana nak jawab? Saya jawab ’tak tahu’ dalam sengih dan meminta izin berlalu pergi.

’Jannah ni tak lama dah. Bukan boleh main2. Benda ni berjangkit.’ Usik makcik ton. Uish, bahaya ni. Berjangkit ya. Saya tersengih juga lagi.

Respon muka kering dan sengihan tandanya apa? Ye, malu. Harap maklum.

Perkongsian ilmu

Semasa membuat persiapan untul peperiksaan EOS yang lalu, selalu wujud kegeraman di dalam hati saya. Geram ingin menaip ilmu2 perubatan yang saya pelajari ke dalam bahasa malaysia/melayu. Sebabnya, bila menggunakan search engine untuk membuat pembacaan mengenai ilmu2 tentang kesihatan dan perubatan dalam bahasa melayu, sumber bacaan amatlah terhad. Kebanyakannya pula artikel yang diterbitkan oleh syarikat2 yang ingin mempromosikan bahan kesihatan keluaran syarikat mereka. Dalam kata lain, info kesihatannya bukan sahaja tak lengkap, malah hanya menyebut simptom2 yang boleh dirawat dengan produk kesihatan mereka. Tapi semangat yang membuak2 untuk berkongsi pada waktu itu terpaksa dipendam hebat kerana bimbang terlalu leka menaip hingga mengabaikan study.

Jadi, insyaAllah, saya akan mula menulis berkenaan ilmu2 yang saya rasa bermanfaat ataupun common berlaku ataupun salah faham masyarakat awam terhadap beberapa perkara.

Moga cuti yang panjang ini dapat dimanfaatkan dengan baik.

Pesan buat junior2 yang bakal dirindu

Banyak kegembiraan kak jannah di IMU adalah disebabkan oleh kalian. Kalianlah pemberi ingatan, teman berborak, sahabat yang mengambil berat, pendengar yang baik, penyampai yang berkesan dan segala macam deskripsi2 lain yang baik2. 😉

Adik2, rajin2 study ye. Sekali pun bosan dan penat, jangan putus asa ya. Dalam hidup ni, tak apa untuk kalah, sakit, sedih dsb. Tapi JANGAN PUTUS HARAP pada Allah.

Sedikitkanlah atau lebih baik, jadikan tiada langsung masa kalian untuk perkara yang sia2. Kerana setiap amal kita dilihat dan dikira. Jika penat study, hairan kak jannah bila wayang yang menjadi tempat hilang stress. Jika selalu tak lapang untuk menghadiri ta’lim, musykil kak janna bila boleh pula susun jadual agar dapat ke mall, konsert atau yang sewaktu dengannya.

Allah sangat dekat.

Jagalah hak adik2 terhadap Allah pasti Allah menjaga adik2. Carilah teman2 yang membawa kebaikan dan memimpin ke pintu syurga, bukan teman2 yang menyokong tindakan2 kita yang berlandaskan hawa nafsu semata.

Tuai padi antara masak, esok jangan layu-layuan. Intai kami antara nampak, esok jangan rindu-rinduan.. 😉

Moga bertemu lagi.  Jaga iman dan diri ya. Kak jannah sayang kalian selalu~


For the First Time August 13, 2009

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For the 1st time ever (insya Allah if i’m not mistaken) I don’t have credit even to sms people. Hu.

Now I know how terrible it is to not to have any credit in hp. I used to think – top up je la. But I couldn’t top-up-je-la yesterday because I was a few seconds late before EMO (IMU bookshop) closed. Gagaga.

Last Monday when mama came, I already told her how difficult it is to use a prepaid. I always kept checking the credit balance . Huhu.

Celcom is waaay too expensive. I thought using 15pax plan would be a great saving. I was wrong. It is cheap to sms that 15 people but Miss Sunshine isn’t communicating with 15 people only! Hu.

Without making long calls, I had use rm60 in less that 1 month. Once with Maxis, I used without limit but still so cheap.

And worst of all, using prepaid taught me not to save but to be stingy. [bad]

p/s: Mama, jannah nak tukar maxis postpaid blk, boleh?ngee.. :mrgreen:


Islamic Calendar August 7, 2009

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Celcom X-pax July 21, 2009

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I am now an X-pax user.

X pax

Not proud to announce this switch of telco. Biasa2 je.

I was a loyal Maxis user since I was 17. I had been using the same handphone number ever since. My previous and current handphones are unable to ring and vibrate during incoming calls and smses. Both of them. The previous one is Nokia and now I’m using Samsung. I thought something must be wrong with my simcard because both my handphones have the same problem.

Since my adik2 had once promoted Celcom to me, I thought maybe I really should make a move – just to get a new simcard.

Initially I wanted to use Celcom postpaid as I was always a Maxis postpaid user. But as I looked through the rate, it is very much expensive as compared to Maxis’. Even if I became a sub-line user to mama’s line, the line usage is free if I contacted mabah, but I have to pay so much to contact the others. And how often in a day that I call/sms mabah compared to my friends? 😛

So I made up my mind to finally use a prepaid. Maybe after this I would know how to appreciate every credit in my account. Hehe.

I still use the same number. The number that Kak Shyfa wanted to buy from me (her birthday is on 30th Oct..30/10 ;)).

However, my Samsung handphone still doesn’t ring and vibrate during incoming calls and smses (Samseng betul.. :P). So it wasn’t due to simcard.

I really have to go to a handphone shop and let them see what’s wrong with it. Handphone ku sayang.

“Allah menguji dengan apa yang kita cinta”.

I learnt my lesson. Again. Thank you Allah.

p/s: Please forgive if I don’t answer your call or don’t reply your sms immediately. You should know why.


berdebar sebenarnya July 7, 2009

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Terasa kelakar. Baru semalam saya mencatat dalam diari bahawa impian JANGKA PANJANG adalah memiliki blog sendiri. Tup2 malam ni rasa sangat tertarik untuk menulis.

Moga keputusan mendadak membuat blog ini bukan satu yang sia-sia. oleh kerana itu hati ini berdebar. bimbang-bimbang diri sendiri menjadi lagha dek terlalu ingin meng-update blog. juga bimbang kalau-kalau termasukkan fakta yang salah, kata-kata yang menyakitkan, juga buah fikiran yang tidak bernas.

Tujuan saya menulis blog adalah kerana ingin hasil penulisan saya di baca. Poyo, tetapi benar. 😉

Tapi harus semua maklum bahawa saya bukan siapa-siapa. Jadi, hasilnya nanti, pasti banyak kekurangan.

Akhir kalam, apa-apa yang tidak berkenan nanti, minta dibetulkan.


– Written on 18th May 09. Previously posted in